Located in south western Bulgaria the Rila mountain range is the highest mountains in the Balkan Peninsula. The Balkan Peninsula includes the landmass across from Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia to name a few. 
The highest peak Musala at 2925m is one of many spectacular peaks to hike as the 7 lakes in the Rila mountain range abundant in glacial lakes, accompanied by local chamois passing its a breathtaking location for single & multi day hiking. Also a world class rock climbing location.


The dramatic granite & marble peaks of the Pirin mountains are strikingly unique to the Balkans and hosts as a superb multi day hiking destination. The summit of Vihren peak is the third highest peak in the Balkan Peninsula. The mountain range is abundant in glacial lakes & ridge line hiking.
Cosy mountain huts located throughout the mountain range makes multi day hiking a pleasure. The rich wildlife is protected by Pirin National Park & is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The Rhodope mountains are situated in South Eastern Bulgaria, with 80% of the Rhodope in Bulgaria & 20% lies in Greece as it serves as a border between the two countries.
Notable for its limestone karst cave formations, deep river gorges, forested mountain hillsides & multitude of ancient Thracian archeological sites.
Remarkable for its flora & fauna inhabited by brown bear, boars, wolf & chamois to name a few of the larger mammals.


Also known as the Balkan Mountains. The range consists of around 30 distinct mountains. In Bulgarian the word balkan (балкан) means "mountain". The Stara Planina range runs 560km from Vrashka Peak on border of Serbia west & runs eastward through central Bulgaria to the Black Sea. The highest peak is Botev peak at 2376m.
Home of Vratsa 350m limestone walls & source of some of the most fascinating limestone karst caves.