Beginning as a dream, a passion for the mountains, using this passion to fuel & ignite an idea. An idea which used to inspire now has become a reality.

Over 1000's of years of human development involving cultures, language, relations and infrastructure which is continuously transforming a countries history. 

It's fascinating as a traveller passing through.... You stop for a moment in the city's streets & look up at the ever looming mountains above these lands.

Almost timelessly the mountains have not changed, they have not altered or moved as they were. They affect every civilisation that exists at their feet. Distinguishable only by their size, texture, shape & location, elements every person understands well.

Something that not everyone understands, is how they make you feel. When you are near them, climbing over them or swimming in their crystal waters. 

-Teodor Iliev




South African born Bulgarian with a passion for mountaineering which began in the Balkans around 10 years ago.

Teodor began guiding mountaineering tours since 2013  after studying Geology at University Western Cape in South Africa.

Most notable experience; trekking & climbing French Alps 2016, Balkans Bulgaria & Greece 2017, Drakensberg Mountains SA 2017, Kilimanjaro 2012, Namibia 2017, Italian Coastline 2016. I specialise in multi-day trekking tours & rock climbing tours.

  • Qualified Mountaineering Guide (WC10019)

  • Qualified BAA Medic (BAA 1578820)

  • VFI Guide School Instructor

  • WMX Medical Instructor

  • Founder of BALKAN VOYAGE

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