Balkan Voyage Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Sofia International

  • Arrival at Sofia Airport. Pick up & drop off at Hotel.

  • +- 1/2hr Walking tour of the city, after which free time to self explore.

  • Meet at restaurant for dinner & briefing on the details of the tour ahead.

Day 2: Caves 

  • Early Breakfast at (Hlebar Cafe) traditional style

  • Depart 1.5hr drive to Devetashka cave for viewing

  • 1hr drive to Karlukovo Cave for exploring.

  • Exciting Abseil & Rock climbing. 

  • Lunch at Karlukovo Cave

  • Settle at Old Communist Hotel

Day 3: Rila Monastery

  • Visit of the ancient Rila Monastery

  • Lunch at Rila Monastery. 

  • Start short hike in afternoon up to the Malyovitsa Mountain Hut for the night

  • Dinner at the hut

Day 4: Seven Lakes (Hiking)

  • Depart early morning for hiking to the 7 lakes

  • Explore 7 lakes & lunch at the lakes

  • Hiking back to Malyovitsa Hut

(Extra: Great rock climbing 10min walk from Malyovitsa Hut)

Day 5: Kresna Gorge (Paddeling)

  • Breakfast at the hut

  • We first have short 30min hike back to the transport

  • 1hr drive to Pirin Mountains, Kresna Gorge Paddeling

  • (Outsourced paddeling company ‘REFLIP’)

  • Lunch on the river

  • Accommodation at the Vihren mountain hut of Pirin.

(Extra: Summit of mount Vihren or/& The stunning ridgline walk in the late afternoon/ evening)

Day 6: Pirin Mountains (Hiking)

  • Breakfast at Vihren hut

  • Hiking through the Pirin mountains to the Bezbog hut.

  • Lunch on the way or at the hut.

  • Relax at the alpine lake just outside the hut.

  • Dinner at the hut

(Extra: Hike the nearby peaks in the evening for sunset)

Day 7: Pirin Mountains #2 (Hiking)

  • Breakfast at the Bezbog Hut

  • Relaxing slow day

  • Hiking back to the Vihren Hut

  • Lunch at Vihren hut

  • 1hr Drive to the Rhodope mountain range

  • Visit the devils throat cave

  • Spectacular Traditional Dinner in ‘Yagodina Hotel’

Day 8: Rhodope Mountains (Hiking)

  •  Hiking the devils bridges from Yagodina to Orpheus hut.

  •  Relax at orpheus hut, nearby cave to explore in the afternoon and fishing in small pond at the hut.

  • Traditional Dinner & Rakia

Day 9: Rhodope cave abseil & hot springs

  • Relaxing day of visiting the Hot Springs

  •  Abseiling down into the heramiska cave via-feratta.

  • Final Dinner & Rakia at Yagodina Hotel.

Day 10: Sofia

  • Breakfast at location

  • Departure back to Sofia for flight to next location

  • (Or recommendation to take over night train to the black sea to Varna a small coastal town and relax at the beach for two days longer.)